3d chain mail suit No. 1

What is DIGITAL clothing?

These are clothes that exist exclusively in digital format.

This is a full-size 3D model created according to life-size templates and rendered on an avatar with human measurements. Digital clothes can be “put on” in social media photos without changing clothes or buying / renting real clothes.

In addition to new experience and convenience, we significantly reduce the environmental burden from overproduction and consumption of clothing, when, according to some experts, about 9 percent of all clothing is purchased only for posts on social networks and is used 1-2 times.

Our brand was created to solve the problem of overproduction and create an opportunity for everyone to gain experience in a new field - when clothes allow the most daring ideas to be realized. Indeed, in everyday life, we cannot create clothes from glass, stone and other materials that are organically intertwined in the digital format with the creative process.

How to order?
1. You choose an item and pay for it in the online store.

ATTENTION: please make sure that your email address is correct when purchasing

2. We will send you a letter, in response to which you need to send a photo where you want to apply a 3D outfit. You can also write us your wishes if you want to change the color of the product or discuss the degree of fit and fit.

3. Within 3 days we will send you a ready-made version by mail.


- The size. Photo not less than 1 Mb
-Light. The photo is desirable in natural daylight without harsh "light" or contrast - otherwise the photo overlay will be unnatural. Photographs that are too dark also make it difficult to work.

-Hair. It is very difficult to transfer clothes to a photo where the hair overlaps a part of the body, so we ask you to treat your choice of photo with understanding. Otherwise, we have to put the dress over the hair and it doesn't always look natural.

-Hands. If the 3d outfit is sleeveless, and in the photo the arms are crossed or somehow block the figure, applying the photo is too laborious and will cost more than the 3d outfit itself. Therefore, we kindly ask you to choose, whenever possible, photographs where the arms do not cover the body.

-CONTRAST AND SHADOWS. It is advisable to choose photos with the least amount of shadows from any objects and little contrast, otherwise the dress that we will impose will not organically match the light of the photo.

You can just as easily see examples of photos in our gallery or on Instagram.
If you need help or our advice, click on the whatsapp icon in the lower right corner of the page or write to us at kolesman@mail.ru or direct instagram @ kolesman3d
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