Model fitting
Once you have purchased a look we e-mail you the instruction on how to make your own photo or choose a photo from our gallery.
After receiving your photo we adjust the 3D model to perfectly fit with your photo including the posture and the light.

Then we render a high-quality picture that allows you to see the texture of the material and folds.
Then we send both files to the retoucher who overlays clothing on your photo using Photoshop. This is a time-consuming process that involves operating adjustments and is the work of two people. That is why we ask for understanding in terms of the price of each look.

Our image editors are very experienced and competent, still, we are limited by time frames and technical characteristics of the source file. In order to reduce the waiting time and obtain the best result your photo has to meet some basic requirements:


- The light. Please make your photo in natural daylight to prevent overexposure and deep shadows, otherwise the overlaying will look unnatural. Avoid too dark photos.

-The hair. It is extremely difficult to overlay clothes on the photo where the hair overlaps some parts of the body. Then we will need to overlay the dress over the hair and the result is not always pleasing. So, please, choose your photo carefully.

-The hands. If a 3D dress has no sleeves, and your hands are crossed or overlap your body on the photo, it makes our work more difficult too. As a result, the price of the adjustment may be higher than the price of the look itself. That's why it is better to avoid such postures.

-Contrast and shadows. Photos without (or almost without) shadows on your body from other objects are preferable. Otherwise, the overlaid dress may fail to match the light on the photo.

You can also see some example photos in our website gallery or on Instagram.
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